Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Back on Track: 536 hands & +$89.95

Phew! Finally had a really good run. This is officially my most profitable day in poker, and goes a long way to making back some of the money I lost in my aggro-tilt-downswing. I was hitting sets like there was no tommorrow, had the nut flush 3 times (and got paid) and basically destroyed the felt. It feels good to be positive again! Restored alot of confidence. I think the change to my attitude helped alot. The session started badly with me dropping $10 on two table with TPTK like hands but instead of turning into the tilit monster I took a breat, put on some good tunes and returned to the tables. The tables I were playing at were literally my wetdream of tables, so many fish! YEA! Pretty pumped up now!

Some sets for you to ponder over. Not sure about calling the min-3bet with 7s but I decided It was still cheap enough for a mine. Didnt catch the other big hands, I was in the grooooove!

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Anth said...

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