Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Back on Track: 536 hands & +$89.95

Phew! Finally had a really good run. This is officially my most profitable day in poker, and goes a long way to making back some of the money I lost in my aggro-tilt-downswing. I was hitting sets like there was no tommorrow, had the nut flush 3 times (and got paid) and basically destroyed the felt. It feels good to be positive again! Restored alot of confidence. I think the change to my attitude helped alot. The session started badly with me dropping $10 on two table with TPTK like hands but instead of turning into the tilit monster I took a breat, put on some good tunes and returned to the tables. The tables I were playing at were literally my wetdream of tables, so many fish! YEA! Pretty pumped up now!

Some sets for you to ponder over. Not sure about calling the min-3bet with 7s but I decided It was still cheap enough for a mine. Didnt catch the other big hands, I was in the grooooove!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The Recovery

Well ive not played poker at all today, and am not going to play at all tommorrow either. After losing it yesterday I managed to win back a buy in after cashing in 2/3 of those 210 fpps buy ins so Im back over $700 which was my threshold for 25nl. Im taking a couple days to reflect over that downswing, as ive never had one as bad as that and it really fucked me up. Seriously considered quitting for a while. Either way I dont think I am anymore, just gotta get back on the saddle. Im thinking about getting a months subsription to stox and looking at some 25nl vids (im going to pm some CC guys and ask their opinion of the quality of the 25nl vids) and im thinking about asking ice if he wants to do a sweat session with me when ive got some more free time. Hopefully both these combined will set me back on the right road.

Wish me luck

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Enough is Enough - Destroyed

Well so sums up the worst 24 hours of poker ive ever had. I mean I can handle dropping 8 buy ins over time but losing it over 24 hours has absolutley destroyed me. $200 is a lot of money for me, i mean ive just lost more then 1/5 of my entire BR. Literally this is a all time low for me. I know alot of you will say if you cant handle the swings dont play at the levels but fuck that. This isnt just a swing, this is utter annhilation. My whole months profits gone in the space of a day. What am i mean to do now... Im not playing 25nl with less then $700 in my cashier, and i really dont wont to play 10nl again its about as exciting as watching paint dry. Im absolutley gutted. Im seriously thinking about withdrawing $680 and starting again with $20. Ive never considered taking money out before, as my philosphys (sp?) been the more you put in, the more you get out, but now its a serious option. Ugh, I know I bitch and complain alot, but this takes the piss. What really irritates me is the people im losing to, im getting my chips in against 60/40s, 50/10s and consistantly losing. Set over set, trips vs FH, overpairs vs sets, just about every type of beat there is ive now had it. Im not even going link hands, I dont want to see them again.

I really dont know where to go from here.


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mid-Month Update

Well its been a while since I wrote here so this is a quick update and explanation. The last month has been shit busy. I mean like, ive done fuck all for two months previous and now its all come back to bite me on the arse (only fair). I had to make my first trip up to my new house, start moving things there (its a 4 hour drive either way), change my module choices, register for uni, and do a crapboatload of other things too. Also this is my first house, well shared house, where im in charge of my own shit so ive been trying to make sure everythings sorted out first so i can have a quiet year without disasters. Due to this I had to drop out of the HU championship (sorru JD and Jurn!), I did send Jurn 5$ but we had the name wrong so ive now sent it again, hopefully itll get through this time! I also had to drop out of the Guys vs Girls challenge which really sucked (sorry Daks). All this dropping and flaking is making me more cautious about signing up to things I might not be able to fully commit to later. Anyway, apolagies to anyone who this effected!!

Anyway onto poker. I managed to play a couple hands at the start of the month, and quite a few the in this last week so im actually not TOO far behind my goals for hands played this month. The month started really bad, swinging like a pendulum and struggling to break even. I decided to take a break from FR and follow the CC train to 6max. Started at 10nl which im overrolled for and after 6k hands at 10nl I moved up to 25NL and have been running really well! Finally my big hands are being payed off, im catching donks left right and center, and in general everythings going great! This lead to a great moment for me, finally smashing through $800 which id be dithering with for like weeks! Im up to like $850 now, which still blows my mind as I think about two months ago when I deposited my $50 and started my cash game life.

NL25 6max: 6543 hands, $120.05, 18bb/100

Mid month graph:

Last 5 sessions, running hot (finally above ev first time this month!)!

So yea thats basically it, hopefully I can continue to run well at 25NL and hit $1000 before september ends. Ill try post some hands and shit soon!

Monday, 1 September 2008

I dunno

I dunno why I bother trying to move up to 25nl. So far ive enjoyed two sets over sets, one straight over set. One quads over set. Its not that im not hitting cards its that everyone either htis harder or folds. Im at a loss at what to do....

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Last nights move to 10NL

After a simply awful start to yesterday (two FHs under FHs as you can see below) I decided to swallow my pride and take a step down. Not for financial reasons, I still had over 25 buy ins, but because I realised I wasnt playing to the best of my ability. I was starting to play a little desperate trying to win back lost money. So I moved down to 10NL for the night and LOVED it. I was able to play 6 tables again, something I missed. I realised that I could really crush 10NL without much idfficulty, and im not trying to sound cocky or boastful. I plugged in 1.8K hands over 3 hours, one of my biggest sessions this month, and finished up 4 buy ins, so nearly covering my loses from 25nl. I think im going to stick at 10NL today, and move back up to 25nl tommorrow as its a new month and I want to get silverstar status.

So anyway on to yesterdays sessions, I picked some hands you'll like and some you might not :)

Hand 1: KK runs into AA. Yes i shove PF after a limp-raise but im not folding KK PF at this level. I had an inkling this guy had the rockets but hed been playing a bit weird and had done the exact same think with AK so i didnt mind getting my chips in when I did. This didnt get to me though, I just let it sliiiiide.

Hand 2: Im not sure how people will take this hand. Yes I know limping OOP with K10s isnt a great move but there was reason behind the madness. Id noticed the villian who raised tends to raise when theres alot of deadmoney in the middle, and then was willing to bet all three streets, btu he wouldnt get in a raised pot. Basically I was trying to isolate him without raising as he'd yet to call one of my PF raises. It worked out magically.

Hand 3: Haha right i know that IceMonkey isnt going to like this hand! But this is why sometimes aslong as the right condidions are met, ill call a standard raise with a less then great hand (conditions being the inital raiser has a full stack adn tightish stats). I do this for a couple reasons. 1. Youll either win a big pot, or lose a small as you wont commit more chips unless you improve drastically. 2. You hand is REALLY disguised as so far youve only shown down premium hands. 3. Good for your image and metagame. Anyway heres an example of it working

Hand 4: Quads get payed off by a absolutle moron. Did he realise that any 4 or 2 beat him? This is a great example of how NOT to slowplay.

Hand 5: Finally im on the RIGHT side of a set over set. I decided to flat the flop as the boards so dry a raise would have scared everyone off. I shove turn fairly confident I would get at least one caller, but both come and in the end im sitting 400bb deep on that table. Nice!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

What a joke

This is how i run latley. Everyday starts the same stupid fucking way. I lose a shitload then maybe manage to win back half of it before I lose another shit load. Maybe I should back to fucking 10nl...

Anyway heres how glorious today started, fun fun fun